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My name is Emma, I’m a technology lover, yoga lover, proud mama of 2 beautiful kids, and I’m so proud and grateful to have the opportunity offer my services to like minded, soul business owners. I love to support clients and give them precious time back so they can put their passion into their business and find the best ways to bring their businesses to life using different platforms in technology.

For the past 10 years I have worked in different areas of a software company, learning many different platforms, scripts and above all, learning my love for technology, my love for creativity, and my love to serve others. 

Technology can be stressful, when it’s not our thing, we can spend hours, days or weeks trying to finally get that website up, or figure something out with another platform. I quickly learnt that serving people in easing this stress was what I loved. 

If you’d like to know more,  or setup a free consultation, I’ve love to chat. 

Em xx




Bring your soul biz to life! Wahoo! By setting up a short consultation, we can work together on what you vision is, and what’s best suited for you and your business to build your website. 

online courses

Sharing knowledge is an amazing and rewarding venture, and creating course content can be fun and exciting! It’s important to ensure when you are providing your learning content online, that it’s amazing content isn’t clouded by poor user experiences. 


online consulting

Lets get you off and racing, and make that soul biz of yours come to life!! Or maybe you’re already up and running, but that online stuff if giving you the ick. Maybe it’s the creation of payment links with stripe/PayPal, set up of your content delivery, creation of sales pages or more. Lets chat to find out how I can help you with your online needs!

email marketing

Triggering forms and email marketing can often be confusing and time consuming, so allow me to help!

If you’re not sure what kind of marketing platform to suit your business, we can also sit down to chat about that and find which one is best for you.


Lets build your website!!!

I LOVE building websites, and I’ve found Wordpress to be the most verse for clients and their ongoing growth with multiple plugins and integrations available. 

Fill in the form below to book a 30 min no-obligation consulting session.

  • Wordpress Subscription (annual charge)
  • Webpage design, layout and site testing
  • Elementor building tools for ease of content creation
  • 2 x web forms
  • 2 x pop ups
  • Plugins configuration 
  • SEO enhancement

Starting from

*annual charges apply to Wordpress subscriptions. Other nominated plugins may also have additional subscriptions if required

bring your wisdom to others with online learning

Building a Learning Management System to guide clients through your course content is an integral part to ensure a your learners have the best learning journey. 

All prices are quoted, please fill in the form below to book a 30 min no-obligation consulting session to determine a pricing structure. 

Online Consulting Help

If you’re unsure where to start, or maybe need some guidance on platforms to help your business, then lets chat! Our first consult for 30 minutes is free of charge, and if you’d like some one on one training after that on how to use your wordpress website, or how to get started in emailing marketing, or just some general help with managing your business online.

Fill in the form below to book a 30 min no-obligation consulting session. 


email marketing

There’s plenty of reasons why email marketing is important, such as keeping relationships, growing a community and delivering value. I can help ensure your email marketing is scheduled, and ensure you’re using the best platforms for what you’re wanting to achieve. Are you wanting to market a new product? Or online course? There’s ways to make sure that your platforms work together, so you can do less admin and more fun stuff.

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Starting from
$75 p/h*

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